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Public transport

I don’t have a car in Lyon, nor do I want one. The public transport system is just fine. Plus, there are the driving issues mentioned in a previous post! Our main street heads straight into Lyon, so is a major bus route and has lots of stops to choose from. You must wave to the driver (and hope that they’re looking!) if you want them to stop and pick you up, otherwise they really do just zoom on by!

Bastille Day bus!

Lyon is much smaller than Melbourne – we have just 4 tram lines (T1, T2, T3 and T4) and 4 Métro lines (A, B, C and D). How’s that for simplicity! Oullins is serviced by buses and trains, and Métro Line B is in the process of being extended to here. Ready next year. Or the year after!

T1. Or is it T2?

Lyon also has a great bike hire system, Lyon Vélo’V. It’s like the Melbourne Bike Share System. Unlike the MBS though, helmets are optional. There are over 300 bike stations around the city. Not in Oullins though. Maybe when the métro line is finished!

Vélo’V station at uni.


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