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Open wide, come inside, it’s international school

Sim and I went to a few school open days this weekend. No, we don’t have any big news to share – I’m looking for a job!

We visited three international/bilingual schools around Lyon, and came away with mostly positive feelings! I was a bit nervous at first – open days are more for families than job hunters – and I was worried about the reception we might receive. After explaining that no, we don’t have children we want to send to the school, we’re looking more in terms of employment for me, everyone was just lovely – French, English or otherwise! I met secretaries, teachers and principals and they were were all helpful and honest, with everything from how the school runs to whether they were recruiting (or not!) and where to send my cv!

One principal said that it’s a real catch 22, as they can’t employ me if I don’t have a work permit but I can’t get a work permit without a job! Another said that they weren’t recruiting for next year but that he’d pass my cv on to another international school that are. A teacher we talked to (all in French, mind you!) told me, when I expressed my worries about not being able to communicate effectively with French parents, that one of her colleagues doesn’t speak French well and that they all help each other.

We even met a lovely Australian teacher at one school, who’s married to a Frenchie. She’s been here for years, and her French is excellent – no trace of an Aussie accent! She’s my new inspiration!

One of the feelings we came away with is that I’d definitely be much more employable if I were married to Sim.

Maybe we will have some big news to share soon!


Back to school

I miss my job. I miss the kids, the teachers and the day to day life of working in a primary school. So this week, I’m spending the week visiting a P-10 school in Vesoul, a few hours north of Lyon. Sim’s brother works there and, after an afternoon visit last year, I organised to return in February.

I’ll be spending time with the primary school grades, plus joining in some of the college English classes. I’ve prepared photos, slide shows, songs, and have scraped together my last Vegemite samples! The Tim Tams are long gone.

I’ll let you know how it goes, but probably not for a week or so!


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