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St Patrick’s Day, Charly style

I do a bit of volunteer work for an English teaching association based in Charly, about 15 minutes from Oullins. I help out on Saturday mornings and last Saturday, being St Patrick’s Day, I helped out with their afternoon/evening festivities as well.

Mint cordial + cool jars = great decoration idea!

Aside from the wind, it was an awesome day! We had different Irish-themed activities for the kids (and adults), competitions, music, food (including cheddar cheese – oh how I’ve missed you!), drinks, fireworks and, of course, lots of spruiking for the English association!

These little guys were everywhere.

Junea taking guesses on the number of lollies!

Beer-swilling leprechaun on the colouring table!

And it was (almost) all in English! Aside from the 4 year old boy who woefully told me, ‘Je ne parle pas Anglais, je parle Français,’ everyone had a great time practising their English.

By the end of the night, Killian and Guinness were definitely the most commonly heard words!



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