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The SaintéLyon

On the first weekend of December each year, thousands of crazy fit, motivated people participate in the SaintéLyon, a 65ish kilometre nighttime run from Saint Etienne to Lyon. It can be done individually or in teams of 2, 3 or 4, plus it can be walked.

Now, December’s not really known for nice weather here, especially during the night. In 2010, it snowed and the water in people’s CamelBaks froze. 2011 was much nicer though, and around 11 500 people participated. Sim’s cousin was one – he ran it and finished 27th whilst his aunt was another – she walked it and finished in the 4 000s. Other friends ran it as a relay.

Look at those hills!

It could be something to work towards, to do it just once. 2012, perhaps?

Oh, I might not be here!

What a shame…



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