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Oh la la in Oullins

Sim’s having a course of injections for his knee, administered by Lionel, the same nurse who came to change his dressings after the op. Lionel was late tonight. He’s French, he usually is, but tonight he was late even by French standards! When he arrived, puffing and panting, he declared:

Oullins est un bordel ce soir, or, Oullins is a total mess tonight !

France is in election mode. Politicians everywhere, posters everywhere and yes – protests everywhere. Even in little ol’ Oullins ! So after his injection, Sim and I went out to have a look.

Turns out, Jean-Marie Le Pen came for dinner at the Oullins mairie. Now, he’s no longer in politics but his daughter, Marine, has taken up right where he left off. That’s the Front National – extreme right. So the Front de Gauche – left, but not extreme – came along to say hello ! And a lot of other things, but they were in French so I didn’t really understand them all !

The Fascists.

The Communists.

And of course, there were the teenage hooligans in their blue or red tracksuit pants and black puffy jackets, trying to cause trouble by provoking the police. Police in full riot gear, mind you. Sim was a bit worried but I pointed out that we’re in France – the police can just shoot them. Now what regime does that come under ?!

Bisous !


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