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The French patient

Sim’s knee operation went well, and he was allowed to come home after one night in hospital and proving to the physio he could manage stairs on his crutches. He’s off work until March, off  non-weight bearing sport until May and – shock horror – off soccer until September. At least.

Recovering on the couch. With his lovely tights and yellow Betadine leg!

I get to be nurse during my semester break, plus I get more of an insight to the French healthcare system.

Sim’s medical insurance costs 25€ per month. He gets paid around 50% of his wage during his time off work, but has to stay at home between 9am – 11am and 2pm – 4pm. If the insurance control ring or visit during these times, and he hasn’t got a medical reason for being absent, he gets paid nothing. Seems he can hobble out for lunch though – it’s the French way.

He left the hospital with a soft cast for night time, a pair of compression stockings and no hospital fees. He does have to have his own crutches though, and there’s no such thing as underarm crutches in France.

Sim’s mini pharmacie!

He paid 5€ for his supply of drugs – worth 120€ (it was the distilled water that cost 5€)!

He has to have physio three times a week with a reknowned sports physiotherapy company in Gerland (yes, I’ll be driving in the city – look out!), and each visit costs around 3€. Fantastic, considering he’ll have 40 sessions!

Finally, the real nurse comes to the apartment to change his dressing twice a week!

Wow. What a system! It may have something to do with that nasty D-word, but France sure looks after her people!


Docteur D

I tagged along to the doctor’s with Sim the other day, him for a knee checkup, me to get my tetanus shot. Which I need two of, as my last one was in 1993. Tsk tsk. We paid the doctor 23€, 22 of which we get back under French health insurance. My tetanus shot was free, and was administered by Sim’s mum that night. Most prescription drugs are free when you’re armed with a prescription from the doctor.

Nurse Joëlle et moi!


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