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Les Enfoirés – nicer than they sound

There’s a charity in France called Les Restaurants du Coeur. It was started in the mid-eighties by a comedien called Coluche and it feeds the needy.

Coluche and his charity.

Each year, there’s huge concerts put on by a mix of celebrities – singers, comediens, groups, athletes and our very own Tina Arena. Collectively, they’re known as ‘Les Enfoirés’ or ‘The Bas***ds.’ All funds raised from the concerts and associated merchandise go to the charity. This year, the concerts are in Lyon and there’s 7 of them.

This song is #3 on the charts at the moment. Have a listen – you’ll know it – and see how many people you recognise. Spotto Tina, and the coach of the French football team playing conductor!

Tickets aren’t numbered for the concerts. Seats are first in, best dressed so les Lyonnaises can be seen lining up outside Halle Tony Garnier from early in the morning for an 8pm show (it’s true – Sim and I saw the line en route to the physio). It’s -6° today, and only getting colder!

Perhaps it’s to give a little taste of life for the less fortunate on days like today.



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