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New kid in town

There’s a new quartier in Lyon, one that’s been under development for a while now. What was once a dirty industrial wasteland is now the bright, sparkling, ultra-modern, overpriced upmarket suburb of La Confluence. Docklands, if you will, Victorians. It’s been developed with the environment in mind – after all, it’s one of the most unique spots in Lyon, where the Rhône and the Saône meet.

Centre commercial La Confluence. Nice!

Mum, Chelsee and I went to the grand opening of the shopping centre, unusual in that it has both an open sailcloth-type roof and the rail bridge running through it! While one may think ‘a shopping centre!?’ I suppose the opening represented the birth of La Confluence – it’s up and running, a real suburb, with its very own centre commercial and the economic and enterprise opportunities that go with it. It’s predicted that, by the time La Confluence is finished, 16 000 people will live there and 25 000 will work there. The city has high hopes for the area – hence the opening ceremony!

The drummer mobile…

…the percussionist mobile…

…and some of the many fireworks!

I suppose Lyon has its reputation as the city of lights to uphold!



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