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Adventures at the hairdressers

I’ve been brave, and been to the hairdressers a few times now in France. I know enough vocabulary (even though I don’t pronounce it properly!) to explain what I want and, if all else fails, I take a picture along. I don’t say chevaux (horses) instead of cheveux (hair) anymore, either.

However, I have some new vocab to learn. How to go back and explain I am really not happy with the cut!

It looked nice at the salon, all foofed up, but now that I’m home and hosed… sigh. The front is cool, the sides are cool. It’s just the back – there’s too much contrast and not enough graduation between the balayage top layers and the au naturelle bottom.

I’m rocking a Rhianna.

Now, what’s French for bowl cut circa 1990?



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