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The city of lights, continued

I ended up spending two more nights in Lyon, wandering around gazing at the lights, eating hot roasted chestnuts and marvelling at just how many people were around! I’m out of adjectives, so here are some photos!

Algae on the quai!

Light sabres galore!

Someone’s watching you…

Rue des Papillons!

Fourvière, awesome as always!

‘I Love Clouds’ changed on the last night.

And because this computer doesn’t recognise my video files, here’s a sneak peek of my favourite from Dailymotion! Yes, the public could play!


The city of lights

After an entertaining hour watching the AC/DC tribute band, Be Angus, at the Oullins mairie on Thursday night, we headed into Lyon with Seb and Clo. We ate German hot-dogs at the Marché de Noël and traipsed around the city, taking in La Fête des Lumières. I don’t have much to say about the night, except for some extremely complimentary adjectives, such as amazing, magnificent and spectacular. Breathtaking is another. I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

Our window sill.



On Rue Victor Hugo, with Place Bellecour in the background.


The Japanese parade, Les Lanternes Fukono.


‘I Love Clouds’, and Louis XIV, at Place Bellecour.

Merci Marie.

Cathedral St Jean, as it’s not been seen before!

Giddy up!

At Place des Terreaux.

We’re heading back into town tonight, to check out the ones we missed, so stay tuned for some more photos. And adjectives!


La Fête des Lumières

Ahh, the Festival of Lights. One of the two things I knew about Lyon before I met Sim.

December 8 is the day when Lyon thanks the Virgin Mary for sparing the city from the plague in the 1600s. It’s tradition for the people of Lyon to burn candles on their window sills tonight.

Getting our ‘bougies’ on.

Although the tradition still stands, technology and tourism play a major part in today’s festivities. The festival goes for 4 days now, and spectacular light shows are held around the city. Lyon will see around 3 million tourists from all over the world this weekend. The inner city is closed to traffic from 5pm each day. The public transport is free on the first night, and a reduced rate fête ticket is available on the rest.

Sim and I will head into town tonight, after checking out the festivities in Oullins. Which include the candles, of course, but also an AC/DC tribute band playing at the mairie! Maybe they know there’s an Aussie in their midst!


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