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A slice of epiphany…or 3

And just when I thought all the feasting was over (yesterday was our third and final Christmas lunch, with Sim’s dad’s family), one snuck up that I’d forgotten about! It’s Epiphany, and time for la galette des rois (the cake of kings)! I think the galette is different in different parts of France, but the one we have  is a delicious cake of crispy, flaky puff pastry, with a thick frangipane filling. Not only does it taste amazing, it also comes with a paper crown, and a fève (trinket) hidden within.

Galette frangipane. Complete with Tintin-themed fève.

The traditional fève was literally just that, a fève – a broad bean. Nowadays, fèves are much more commercialised exciting, and can be anything from a building to a cartoon character.

Spotto fève! Bianca Castafiore, opera diva.

Whoever scores the fève after the cake is sliced and served also scores the crown and becomes king for the day! What this entitles, I don’t exactly know. In Sim’s family, they have to sing a song. It’s also tradition, he tells me, for the youngest person to sit under the table and dictate who gets which slice.

The king. Once he climbed out from under the table!


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