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My 4 week summer course finished yesterday, with presentations from all the project groups, a typical French picnic lunch (sans wine!), our final grades, and lots of hugs and au revoirs !

I found it an extremely worthwhile course, espacially as I took the A2 level classes, which I’d skipped during the school year. It was perfect for strengthening my grammar basics (pfft, as if anything is basic in French !) and I even received my first official 20/20 ! If you’ve ever got a spare July in Lyon, and you’re wondering what to do, I’d recommend it ! The friends you make are an added bonus 🙂

Now, what to do until September, and the start of the next semester…

Bisous !


School’s cool !

For lack of better things to do over the loooong summer break, I enrolled in a 4 week language and culture course at my uni. After a few hiccups at the start, all is going well and I am now catching up on the things I missed when I skipped a level – the imparfait, the plus-que-parfait, CODs and COIs and those bloody third group verbs!

Most of the students are from the USA and South Korea, and participating in study abroad programs organised by their universities back home. Then there’s a few randoms, like me, who are participating for other reasons. Having a French boyfriend that they need to communicate with, for example !

We have a two-hour language class each day, plus a two-hour project class. We have three projects of 12 hours each over the 4 weeks – I’m taking Ecriture Creative, Rencontres and Photos Animées.

Ecriture creative is creative writing, in which we…write creatively ! I even wrote my first poem in French:

Je veux aller à la mer / Où je peux prende un peu l’air

Où je peux ne rien faire / Sauf boire de fraiches, très bonnes bières

Very deep and meaningful stuff, that !

In Rencontres, we meet people from outside the university and talk with them about anything and everything, then prepare a little speech about them. The main focus is oral expression, and our prof films our presentations then goes over them with us, highlighting strengths and weaknesses, and what we can do to keep improving (I now have a little poster of lip and tongue positions to work on my vowel pronunciation!).  I love that she has the time to do this – it’s summer school and there’s only about 50 students in total, compared to the 500 during the semester !

And in Photos Animées we’re designing short comic strips set in Lyon. We’ve had a great time making up a story (involving the duck from my last post!), organising a story board, running around the Parc de la Tête d’Or taking photos and drawing what we can’t take photos of !

We have another week of classes then, on the final day, a big exposition of all the project work we’ve done.

Stay tuned for our comic strip !

Bisous !

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