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Marché de Noël de Lyon

I love Christmas, and Christmas in winter is such a novelty! The Christmas Market in France is a tradition from the Alsace region, with the market in Strasbourg being the most well-known. The market at Place Carnot in Lyon is in full swing now and, much to my delight (and distraction!), I have to walk through it to catch my bus after classes each day.

Très kitsch!

The market is full of stalls selling hot spiced wine (red and white), hot fruit juice, plates of tartiflette, waffles and fat sausages. There are all sorts of wintery, Christmassy trinkets for sale and it’s lit up like a fairy land at night time.

Really hits the spot whilst wandering around the market at night!

Actually, now that the TGV is up and running between Lyon and Strasbourg, a visit to the most famous market in France isn’t out of the question! Maybe next year!


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