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Winter in France sees the rich, heavy meals come out of the woodwork. One of my favourites is the gastronomic delight that is raclette.

Raclette is a type of cheese, but the meal of raclette is said cheese, melted and poured over charcuterie and potatoes, with gherkins and pickled onions on the side. It’s traditional mountain fare from the Alps. And it’s awesome!

I bought Sim a mini raclette grill for Christmas (because it’s one of his favourite meals too…really!). It’s an at-home affair – a traditional restaurant grill holds half a wheel of cheese! Home grills seem to be available for up to 8 people, and they have a hot plate on top – keep your potatoes warm or cook up some saucisson!

Traditional ‘appareil de raclette’ – scrape the melted goodness onto your plate.

Modern day mini – grill, for the small apartment!

Bon appétit!



Cheese, cheese, glorious cheese

The CIEF, my school, organises regular activities for us out-of-towners. The most recent – a sampling session at a little fromagerie in the 7th arrondissement.

L’Art des Choix.

  For 6€50, we had a 45 minute presentation about the different types of cheeses available there and how they’re made (at least, I think that’s what it was about!), a 7 cheese dégustation plate, wine and bread. And grapes.   


 And, as only 9 of the 20 people registered showed up, we got second helpings. Of everything! Hic! Bisous!

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