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The third river of Lyon

A popular saying about Lyon is that it actually has three rivers : le Rhône, la Saône and le Beaujolais. Beaujolais is a wine-making district north of Lyon, in the Bourgogne region. We decided to explore this area in more detail, and booked a day tour with Kanpai in Lyon – check them out at .

Guignol, one of the creepiest symbols of Lyon.

We met Olivier, our trilingual tour guide, at Place Bellecour and joined a mother and daughter from Singapore and two other Aussies, who’d all been picked up at their hotels prior. The tours are limited to 8 people and are done in French, English or Spanish.

Our first stop was the town of Oingt which, in spite of the name, is one of France’s prettiest towns.

Oingt, surrounded by vineyards.

Next stop was a winery, Domaine des Averleys. Here, we learnt about…wine stuff…and tasted 4 of their different wines – a rosé, a white and two reds. Many bottles later (purchased, not consumed!), we headed off to a little country restaurant.

Etienne, explaining why it’s good to have grass and flowers between the rows.

Taking over the bar!

The one on the far right just wouldn’t fit in our bag.

Lunch was a very typical French affair. I had rabbit terrine and frog legs, and the vegan in our group had to give in when his potatoes weren’t just potatoes, they were scalloped potatoes! Ah, la France – it’s not an easy country for vegans!

Most of us had a siesta during the hour-long drive to our last stop, the medieval town of Pérouges. Once there, we had a little tour then were left to our own devices for an hour – wandering around, checking out souvenirs, taking photos and expecting Belle or the Three Muskateers to appear at any moment. Perhaps they do in the high season.

I was too full of rabbit and frog to try the galette au sucre, speciality of Pérouges!

Once back in Lyon (and 2012), everyone was delivered to their hotels – the final service of an excellent tour! If you’ve got a spare day in Lyon, jump on board!

I wonder if there’s a tour on Beaujolais Nouveau day in November…


Third Thursday in November

There’s a bit of fuss in Lyon at this time of year. It’s the week of the third Thursday of November or, more importantly, Beaujolais Nouveau Day! Beaujolais is a wine-making area in Bourgogne, just north of Lyon. Beaujolais Nouveau – new Beaujolais – is the first wine released from each year’s new grape crop. The thing that’s different about this wine (apart from the advertising and the bright, catchy labels) is that it’s ready to drink when it’s about 2 months old. None of this ‘aged 10 years’ business. Apparently, the more it ages the worse it gets! Beaujolais Nouveau is made to be enjoyed immediately. So, santé!

Typical advertising, all around the town!

My bottle, complete with hot-pink label and cork!


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