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Australia Days in France

Australia Day came and went quietly. It was a Thursday, and this is France. They’re more interested in the tennis. Although, the Ayers Rock bar did hold a wet t-shirt competition. Bogans.

I got decked out in my Australian flag apron and whipped up an awesome meat pie and a batch of sausage rolls, which I washed down with a cold can of Fosters! The pie and sausage rolls were great, the Fosters – not so.

Australia’s famous beer…

Before shot of the meat pie. After shot is just an empty pie dish – success!

Friday night was an Australian-themed dinner with the English Dining Club, brainchild of Sim’s cousin Marie. I took along some Vegemite sandwiches and Tim Tams, as well as my best Aussie accent to better demonstrate words such as bickie, sunnies, arvo, Chrissy pressies, smoko, crikey and struth. Fair dinkum!

And on Saturday, I finally counted down the Hottest 100 with my one Australian friend in Lyon!

I’ve got some more Australian-themed events coming up – a session with Sim’s mum’s English class, and a week at the school where Sim’s brother teaches.

Looks like I’ll need to replenish my Vegemite and Tim Tam supply!


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