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Killing time, culturally

We have a break of two hours and 15 minutes on Friday mornings, between our Comprehension de l’Ecrit and Expression Orale classes. Instead of going home and turning around to come back again, a group of us decided to take in a little of the Lyonnais cultural scene each week. This week, we visited the quartier of Etats-Unis, in the 8th arrondissement, to check out some of Lyon’s famous murals.

These 25 murals form part of the Musée Urbain Tony Garnier, and are based on the Lyonnais architect and city planner’s ideas for an ideal city. 6 of the murals are by international artists, and their visions of the ideal city (in Mexico, Russia, Egypt, India, USA and Ivory Coast), and the rest are by Cité Creation, the company responsable for most of Lyon’s painted walls.

Garnier’s main works include Halle Tony Garnier (above, second from left – a stable for animals waiting to go to the knackery, now Lyon’s grand concert hall), Grange Blanche Hospital, Gerland Stadium and the quartier of Etats-Unis.

It was a great – and free – way to kill a few hours between classes, although we didn’t find all 25 murals. Guess we’ll just have to go again !

Bisous !

Spotto duck

One of the first things I noticed about Lyon, as we were driving back into the city from the aéroport, was the amount of these colourful, bung-eyed birds sprayed around the town. Turns out, they’re ducks and they’re by the Lyonnais street artist Knar (ka-nar, phonetic of the French word for duck, canard).

There is one strange thing about them though – you see them peeking out from everywhere when you’re not looking for them, but when you want to point them out or take a photo, they’re nowhere to be found…

Bisous !

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