La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

Getting ready to say goodbye

I’m home alone, enjoying the silence of no football on TV, putting the finishing touches on my school reports, watching a storm roll in from the west and making the most of my final month in Francheville.

No no, I’m not moving back to Australia (sorry Mum and Dad). I’m moving into Lyon proper – Sim and I have bought a flat in the 5th arrondissement. It’s a good time to buy in France. The interest rate is quite low at the moment – not low enough to be worried, but low enough so that housing is quite affordable for us. It’s the main reason we decided to buy. Mortgage payments are not much dearer than the rent we’re paying now – why not spend that money on something that’s ours ?

We’ve had a good couple of years here in Francheville. Our flat is in the centre ville of Francheville le Bas. It’s close to everything – bus, school, bakery, patisserie, hairdresser, vet, pizza shop, bar, markets, kebab shop, French style 7-11, supermarket, countryside…I’m going to miss it.

Our new flat isn’t far from Francheville. Like Francheville borders with Oullins, Francheville borders with the 5th. It’s 10 minutes away from here; 10 minutes closer to the city. I’ll be able to walk or bike to school (I can technically do that now, but my school is on top of a big hill and I dislike arriving at work one big sweaty betty).

Our new neighbourhood is on the border of le Point-du-Jour and Sainte-Foy-lès-Lyon. It’s a great area, and should be easy enough to sell when the time comes (as much as I frowned upon the idea of buying to sell but hey – we’ll need to finance our farm-house-with-swimming-pool somehow, right ?!).

Here :-)

Here 🙂


See you when you come to visit !

Bisous !



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