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Biking in Besançon

Don’t let the title of this post lead you astray. I’m not particularly sporty and I think it was the first time I’ve even been on a bike in France. When Sim and I house-sat for Pierrick and Nelly, we spent an afternoon in Besançon with cousine Laura and her family. After a picnic lunch by the Doubs River, we headed to a little bike rental shop on the Nantes – Budapest Véloroute (bike track). We were fitted out with bikes, Sim and I opting for good old pushies while the others went with the tandems.

We took off in the direction of Nantes, rolling along au bord the Doubs, passing through small villages and stickybeaking in the backyards. We had a few drink stops, a couple of tandem readjustment stops and an escargot farm stop.

PicMonkey Collage Véloroute 2

At the 11 km mark, we came to a river tunnel with a ‘waterfall’ and a couple of Mary shrines. We decided that this would be our halfway point – it was hot and we wanted to get back, have a few rosés and watch the swimming championships. We rested, entertained by watching a boat waiting for the ‘waterfall’ to be turned off so that it could pass through the tunnel.

PicMonkey Collage Véloroute 3

If you’re ever in Besançon, or indeed cycling from Nantes to Budapest (as you do !), stop in at Le Relais Vélo along the way.

Bisous !


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