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Summer days, drifting away…

Summer holidays are here, Northern Hemisphere style. No Christmas or New Year celebrations to busy things up, just two long, hot months off.

July cruised along nice and quietly. This is what I got up to:

  • a few afternoons spent in at school to prepare things for la rentrée,
  • a bit of tutoring now and then,
  • watching Le Tour,
  • watching the FINA World Championships (hello Camille Lacourt !),
  • reading Stephen King for hours every day,
  • sleep-ins,
  • playing with the cat,
  • ‘swims’ in the bathtub because it’s bloody hot and the nearest pool is expensive, indoor and full of families and people that don’t have bathtubs,
  • spending time (mostly apéros !) with family and friends, and
  • having that third (fourth ?!) beer on a ‘school’ night !

August is here now, and looks to be a little busier. Oh, perhaps not. Perhaps it will be just doing the same things in different places. Sim has holidays, so we’ll spend some time in St Sym with his parents, as well as a week in Rioz (near Besançon), house-sitting his brother’s house while he’s on holidays with his family. There’s a trip to Paris with a life-long friend, and the possibility of a hot trip out west to Hossegor.

Vive les vacances !

Bisous !


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2 thoughts on “Summer days, drifting away…

  1. Sounds great. My fiancé and I just got back to Melbourne after 4 weeks in France (mostly Lyon and surrounds) visiting friends and family. The weather was perfect. Glad you’re enjoying your holidays.

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