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Kitty cat Knack

Meet the newest addition to the family. Knacki. She was a birthday present from Sim’s mum back in April and moved in with us at the end of June. She’s a normal, feisty kitten who loves nothing more than playing ambush. Under the bed, under the oven, from a bag, around the corner…

PicMonkey Collage Knacki 2

She’s curious, it’s a cat thing, and has already fallen in both the toilet and the bath. She likes people-watching from the balcony and can often be found in front of the washing machine as it’s doing its thing. I think she’d appreciate a window on the dishwasher too as she always tries to stickybeak inside it when it’s unloading time.

PicMonkey Collage Knacki

She keeps us entertained, that’s for sure. I’m loving having a cat again !

Bisous !


Update 24/07:

We took Knacki to the vet yesterday to start the vaccination process, and it turns out that she is a HE ! Whoops ! The vet tells us that if she’s wrong, we can get him/her desexed for free !


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2 thoughts on “Kitty cat Knack

  1. Whoops! That same thing happened to me when I first got one of my cats. It’s so hard to tell their sex when they’re young!

    • I’m glad we’re not the only ones then ! We’ve since discovered that Knacki’s favourite thing to do is play in the bathroom and that he really isn’t fazed if he gets wet !

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