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Au revoir Oullins !

Sim and I are moving ! No, not back to Aus (not yet !), but we’ll be bidding au revoir to Oullins and saying bonjour to Francheville in a few weeks. Francheville’s not far, it neighbours Oullins to the west and is just that little bit closer to work for both of us. In fact, I’ll be able to walk to and from work. Walking to work involves a big hill however, so to avoid arriving at school one big sweaty betty, it might be more practical (and less smelly !) to walk home.

We started thinking about moving not long after I got my new job. Having two wages (as meagre as they are !) allowed us to start looking for a bigger, lighter appartment with either a parking place or a garage (and a balcony, plus a seperate bathroom with a bath..!) with the idea of moving at the end of June/start of July.

Organising our papers to give to potential landlords made me think of getting ready for a visit to the préfecture ! Luckily I have an excellent boyfriend who was on holidays and had time to organise everything – papers, phone calls and visits !

Sim visited one appartment in Oullins, which at 40m2 wasn’t that much bigger than where we are now, so he didn’t apply for it. We visited the Francheville one together, loved it, applied for it and got it !

It ticks all the boxes, and more – 60m2, renovated, fully equipped kitchen (surprisingly uncommon for rentals in France), first floor, a little balcony, a seperate bathroom with a bath, a parking place AND a garage ! We’re moving a month earlier that we’d planned but never mind – the new apartment is excellent !

Now it’s time to get our little Oullinois appartment ready for show. We have two visits here tomorrow, so I must go – the vaccuum cleaner is calling me !

Bisous !


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3 thoughts on “Au revoir Oullins !

  1. Bec on said:

    Well done! Good luck with the move.

  2. Welcome to Lyon. A very good choice!

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