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The lolly museum

I like lollies. The only thing I like better than lollies are potato chips, and I don’t know of a museum dedicated to those, so lollies it was when we visited the Haribo Museum in Uzés. Now Haribo lollies are by no means French, they’re German and date back to the early 1920s. The name Haribo comes from their founder, Hans Riegel, who was from Bonn (see what he did there ?). At the Haribo site at Uzés, you can find the museum, a boutique and a factory, where they make the delicious-smelling mint alcohol, Ricqlès.

It's strange to not see a 'u' after the 'q' ! Or maybe that's just me...

It’s strange to not see a ‘u’ after the ‘q’ ! Or maybe that’s just me…

The museum houses all sorts of bits and pieces, including machines, examples of advertising through the ages, interactive touch screen games, vintage packaging and even clothing made out of lollies and lolly bags. In the machine room at the end of the tour, we inserted tokens that we’d received upon entry into the lolly bagging machines and watched as they bagged four mini bags of lollies for us. The boutique sells a wide range of souvenirs (postcards, magnets, books, tins, t-shirts and towels), mint alcohol, and LOLLIES ! Sim stocked up on Schtroumpfs (Smurfs !) and I on sour crocodiles. Miam !

PicMonkey Collage Haribo1

PicMonkey Collage Haribo2

Click here for more information about the Haribo Museum.

Bisous !


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3 thoughts on “The lolly museum

  1. Ethan on said:

    I checked out their website and even searched google, and I still can’t figure out what a lolly is.

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