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Right place, right time

I got a job. An actual ongoing, full-time job ! I’m going to be teaching Grade 1 at an école bilingue in Lyon’s 5th district from mid March.

It’s funny how things work out. After the Christmas break, I sent emails to the handful of international/bilingual schools in Lyon to ask if they had a substitute teacher list that I could add my name to. I knew, being the middle of the school year, that it wasn’t quite the right time to be looking for a full-time position. I also knew, this being France, not to hold my breath waiting for a reply !

I did get an email reply from the director of one school (an American, rather than a Frenchie !), saying that they didn’t have anything for the moment and to check back in a few months when they start recruiting for September.

Then I got a phonecall from another director (English – the Anglo-Saxons get back to you !), saying that he’d received my email, one of their teachers had just resigned and could I come in for a meeting ? So off I went, and, over the course of this week, have spent a day with the leaving teacher and his grade, done canteen duty, done yard duty in the snow, met the other teachers, taught for an afternoon and, to top it all off, received a hearty handshake and a ‘Welcome to the team’ from the director ! Woo hoo !

Miss Clements is back !

Bisous !


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10 thoughts on “Right place, right time

  1. Well done Miss Clements. Persistence and doggedness pay sometimes.
    hugs Glenn and Family

  2. That’s great jade which school is it? I am always looking out for new options for sacha when he hits year 1. Good on you!

  3. Ginnivan on said:

    Congrats! You will have a great lot of experiences to bring to the classroom.

  4. Natalie on said:

    Congratulations Jade! Best of luck with it all. It sounds like a wonderful school to start with, so I imagine that will continue! Have fun! 🙂

  5. kateginnivan on said:

    You will have to start up Quote of the Day, French kid style. Congrats Jayde!

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