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Weekend at Big Bum !

We recently spent yet another weekend with the family, this time however, it was with Sim’s dad’s (Yves) side. This side is much bigger than his mum’s, as Yves is the youngest of six. With three people unable to make it, we numbered 48, plus one in-utero !

We headed off to Larajasse – not far from St Sym – on a foggy Saturday night, after Sim had finished late, and arrived just as the musical instruments were being taken out of their cases. We were treated to a violin recital by 10 year old Marion, then a few hours of acoustic French hits, old and new (well, not so old, perhaps) from Yves and other assorted family members. I was singing and bopping along quite happily until Sim pointed out, to everybody, that I was singing the wrong words -“Ohhh, Champomy” (non-alcoholic ‘champagne’) instead of “Aux Champs-Elysées” (Parisien main drag) !

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We headed off to bed around 1am, but as our room was next to the older kids room, didn’t drift off until around 2:30, when they conked out. I felt like I was on school camp ! Sim and I shared a room with Nelly and Evan (who talks in his sleep !) and we slept until around 10 on Sunday morning. After stomping around our room, banging on the walls and some shrill giggling (take that, little sh**s kids next door !) we headed down to breakfast, only to receive a round of applause from les lève-tôt (early risers). Cheeky !

After breakfast, Sim, Evan and I took a stoll around Larajasse, which was still covered in fog and a little eerie. It’s a lovely typical French village, smaller than St Sym, and the people who live there are called Jarsaires. When pronounced with an English J, it sounds like large arse !

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The grandparents arrived at midi (12:00) and the next hour was spent trying to organise family and generational photos, with still more people arriving, lunch being prepared and kids running around everywhere ! We got there in the end, and gratefully swooped on the grapefruit rosé apéritif ! The kids treated us to a spectacle, with skits, jokes and songs; then it was time to eat. It was a light lunch, by French standards, with salad, cold meats, terrines and patés, cheese, galette, wine and coffee. I got three new fèves to add to my collection !

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Then it was time to start packing up and saying our goodbyes and see-you-next-years. Big family gatherings like this are exhausting for me , but it is nice to see everyone and now that I know Sim’s cousins better, there are quite a few of them I’d love to see more than once a year.

Maybe that can be a resolution for 2013 – organise more family gatherings, just little ones !

Bisous !


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