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Au bouche à l’oreille

The expression au bouche à l’oreille means by word of mouth (though it translates to mouth to ear) and thanks to this phenomenon, I’ve found a few petits boulots, or little jobs, over the last couple of months. Many of you know that I was a primary school teacher in my old life, and in my new life I miss it terribly ! So when one of the professors at uni was looking for an English tutor for her two adolescent sons, one of my old professors (who, in hindsight, must’ve understood my awkward French in our first few introductory encounters, and remembered my story !) recommended she ask me. She did, I said “Bien sûr !”  (“Of course !”) and started the following week.

Then I received an email from a friend who works at one of the international schools, asking me if she could pass my details along to some parents who were looking for private tutors for their kids, all anglophones. I said “Bien sûr !” again, and within a few weeks had emails from several parents looking to start up some tutoring either straight away or in the new year.

They really are little jobs, an hour a time, but I love them because they get me doing one of the things I like best !

No, not drinking champagne – teaching !

Bisous !


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