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Préfecture success !

Sim and I had a very productive morning last Thursday. We got up at 6, left l’appartement at 6:45 and joined the queue at the préfecture around 7:15. The doors opened at 8:30, we shuffled in and took our ticket (number 48) then sat down to wait. And wait. Around 11:30 our number came up and we left at 11:45. What a system !

We had to pay a visit to the Préfecture to change my resident status. Now that we’re PACSed, I can get a carte de séjour called vie privée et familiale, which comes with the right to work. And get it I did ! The paperwork is boring, but do-able, and even though the fonctionnaire who served us (the same guy we saw last time, incidentally) wanted an extra bill to prove that we live where we say we do, he organised for us to post one to him and authorised my new status. Legend ! He also noticed that the expiry date would be June 2013, and changed it to June 2014, so I won’t have to make another trip there in May to renew something I’ve only had for a few months ! If you have to go to the préfecture, ask for Yohan, you won’t be disappointed ! I won’t get the actual card until March, so in the meantime I have my old card stapled to the back of my récépissé, which specifically states Il autorise son titulaire à travailler‘ or, it allows the holder to work. Yesss (insert fist pump here) !

Nice mug shot.

Nice mug shot.

Now to get job hunting ! Wonder if they need a taste tester at the champagne factory ?

Bisous !


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2 thoughts on “Préfecture success !

  1. Lollll….a taste taster…that was cute. So happy for you.

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