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That crazy race

Last year I told you about the SaintéLyon, a middle of the night marathon (almost a double marathon – it’s 70km !) from Saint Etienne to Lyon. I seem to remember saying something about doing it in a relay team if I was here this year but…I forgot. Yeah, that’s it…

Sim and Pierrick. Pick the runner !

Sim and Pierrick. Pick the runner !

Sim’s brother Pierrick, however, didn’t forget, and entered the race with a relay team of 4 (it can also be done in teams of 2 or 3). He ran the last leg, the hilly 23 kilometres from Soucieu-en-Jarrest to Gerland. Sim and I got up at stupid o’clock to go and meet him before he started. We chatted with some others who’d run the first and second legs in other teams, and heard tales of running through (well, trying to run through !) 30 centimetres of snow, of people going A over T every few metres and of the individual winner finishing while Pierrick was still waiting to start !

Crazy people.

Crazy people.

After Pierrick finally took off, we went back home for a hot chocolate and then Sim, awesome brother that he is, went and met Pierrick a few kilometres from the finish line to run with and motivate him (and his legs of lead !) to finish the race.

It started snowing whise Sim was waiting for Pierrick !

It started snowing while Sim was waiting for Pierrick !

Maybe we’ll both do it next year ! Maybe…

Bisous !


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2 thoughts on “That crazy race

  1. kateginnivan on said:

    I admire runners, but they really are crazy peeps…

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