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The PACSing

Yes, we’ve done it ! Last Monday was our PACS day, so off we headed to the Palais de Justice in the 3rd arrondissement. Our appointment was at 11, and, knowing what French administrative procedures can be like, we made bets as to how long we’d have to wait. We needn’t have bothered. We arrived at 10:40, due to a great run of green lights and settled into the waiting room. There was one couple already waiting, and a smiling woman came and whisked them off a few minutes after we sat down. They returned 5 minutes later, all giggly and lovey-dovey (which was cute, because they were punks)! Sim and I looked at each other, puzzled and thinking that they’d been there for something else, but before we could say anything, the same woman came for us.

10 minutes EARLY !

Wow, France !

We were ushered into her office, and after the greeting pleasantries, were asked to verify our names and dates/places of birth on her computer screen. Everything was good, she clicked the validate button and…that was it ! She gave us four copies of our PACS receipt and an original of one of the letters we’d had to write (with about 8 official stamps on it) and wished us all the best.

We were out of there before our official appointment time !

Next stop – the Préfecture to change my titre de séjour ! Fingers crossed that they’ve taken some efficiency lessons from the Palais de Justice.

Bisous !


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3 thoughts on “The PACSing

  1. First off, congratulations! That must be pretty exciting 🙂

    Second, I was wondering if you’d mind if I ask a question, as another expat blogger living in Lyon trying to figure out how to make this crazy cross-continental long distance relationship stuff work? We’ve just started looking into stuff like this, and I’m really curious if being PACSed helps with visas somehow? I keep finding conflicting information online and my French is no where near good enough to look at (or even find!) an official French website about it.

    • Thanks Becky !
      It does help, but I don’t know if there are differences between Aussie/Canadian visa rules – here’s my experience (bref) !
      I came here on a visitor’s visa (no working allowed), which I then renewed after 12 months, for another 12 months. I received a temporary carte de séjour Visiteur – an actual card, rather than a sticker in my passport. Now that we’re PACSed, and because we’ve lived here together for over a year, I can change my carte de séjour from Visiteur to Vie Priveé et Familiale – it’s still temporary, so I still have to renew every year but the major difference is that I can work. Youpi ! Check out a site called Anglo Info, if you haven’t done so already, it’s extremely helpful !

      • Thanks so much for the info, that’s very helpful! I will have to check out the Anglo Info website and see what I can find for information on doing it as a Canadian.

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