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Lyon City Bus

I was daydreaming on the bus the other day, about being a bus driver (don’t laugh, I really wouldn’t mind being a bus/tram/train driver !), when I saw the Lyon City bus. Now I like the red and white TCL buses, especially the new double longs, but the LCB is the coolest bus in Lyon. Double decker, bright blue and green, adorned with lions and images of Lyon, it’s the city’s open top tour bus.

All aboard !

Le Grand Tour is a great way to get an overall idea of Lyon. Audio commentary is available in many languages and provides an interesting history lesson. Stops include Place des Terreaux, Fourvière and Vieux Lyon. A circuit takes around 90 minutes (depending on the time of day and associated traffic !), but you can hop off at any stop, explore the area then catch the next bus that comes along. You can also get 1 or 2 day passes, link it up with a boat tour and even hire the bus for special occasions !

I recommend that you give it a go when you’re in Lyon. Check out Lyon City Bus – Le Grand Tour.

Maybe I’ll be driving it !

Bisous !


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One thought on “Lyon City Bus

  1. Don’t forget your hat! The summer sun can be quite strong in Lyon 🙂

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