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Musée Lumière – another episode of killing time, culturally

I took myself off to the Musée Lumière during our two-hour break last Friday morning, keen to finally learn a bit about the family that my university is named after. The Lumière brothers, Louis and Auguste, originally from Besançon (they moved to Lyon when they were little tackers), are credited with inventing the cinematograph, and being the first filmmakers in history. Check out their first film, from 1895, here.

The museum is part of the Institute Lumière, where you can also find a library, a park and a cinema, all being on the site of the old family photography equipment factory. The street is even called rue du Premier-Film !

Their amazing house, known as the Villa, has been turned into the museum and is filled with all sorts of photography and cinema knick-knacks. Even if you don’t appreciate all the technical elements of the beginning of cinema (like me !), it’s still an interesting visit. The Villa also houses the library, a little lecture theatre, two small projection rooms and Antoine’s (père Lumière) bedroom.

Cute magnet souvenirs !

Well worth a visit, even if just to check out the gorgeous house and buy some magnets !

Bisous !


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