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No really, it’s homework !

Our professors all recommend that we watch tv every day. In French. I’m okay with that, I already watch a bit of telly, including Tout le Monde Veut Prendre sa Place and Plus Belle la Vie – but I always change The Mentalist back to English on Tuesday nights (Jane and Cho just get lost in translation) ! So at the Oullins autumn braderie, I bought 4 French DVDs – all in French (fancy that !) and all with French subtitles only.

Two of them are based on true stories, and I want to tell you about those.

The first, Intouchables (coming soon to cinemas in Australia, Mum tells me !), is about the relationship between a handicapped man and his live-in helper. Feel good movie of the year, it won a truckload of awards and is just that bit better because it’s true.

The second, however, is not so feel good. Omar m’a Tuer is about a gardener, Omar Raddad, who is accused of murdering one of his employers. The title comes from a (misspelled) sentence that was written in the victim’s blood at the scene of the crime, and means ‘Omar killed me’. Omar has a Maghrebian (Northern African) background and that, coupled with the bloody sentence, means that, in the eyes of the Toulon police, he is guilty. Without a doubt, and without a translator too. A great watch, but leaves one thoroughly disgusted with the French judicial system.

Get your popcorn ready !

Happy homework !

Bisous !


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2 thoughts on “No really, it’s homework !

  1. Geoff Ginnivan on said:

    G’day Jayde, Saw the “untouchables” on the plane; absolutely loved it! Later on our New York/Vancouver(Amy’s wedding) and European trip we were staying at a beautiful B&B at Chambres d’hôtes “La Haie des Prés” in St.Gertrude, Rouen. We got to talking to a young French couple and I remember he was a nurse with a little English. I stirred him up about slapping the oldies around and tried to inform him about “Untouchables” by the usual Charade type explanation method. When he finally interpreted my explanation he lit up, explained to his wife what I was on about and we excitedly yakked on about it for some time. Glenda was not pleased as she had not seen it. In a later flight she trawled through the many film categories and finally found it and really enjoyed it. I had seen the French version with English subtitles.

    Then in Switzerland in Zurich, we were having a meal at our Ibis Hotel/motel, when a an American couple came in and sat near us. He was in a wheel chair, flambouyant, ex-hells angelish and grumpy. I told Glenda I was going to his table to talk Untouchables. She was aghast and very negative about my move. He was rapt, had heard about it and had it on his must-see list; said that the US was going to make it bigger and better than the French version containing big name actors but that the black guy, his carer, was going to be the same actor. So do some investigating please Jayde and let me know what’s happening.

    Love reading your news, Geoff.

    • Thanks for reading and commenting Geoff ! I’m glad you’ve seen and enjoyed ‘Intouchables.’
      Mum said that she saw an ad for the movie, and that advance screenings start next week. She also told me that Dustin Hoffman was in it !
      As for a ‘bigger, better’ American version, I can only roll my eyes, sigh and hope that they leave well enough alone !

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