La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

Tales from the other side of the desk, October 2012 edition

Week 2 of the semester has come to an end, and I’ve gotten to know some more about my classes and my camerades. There’s 26 of us in our group, which makes for interesting seating arrangements in tiny classrooms built for 15 ! There never seems to be enough chairs or computers, and when we do actually get a room change, admin forgets to tell the professor ! But sweeping all that aside, with a roll of the eyes, a flick of the hand and a sarcastic “Pfft ! French administration !” it’s been fun enough.

As usual, there are people from all over – China, Thailand, USA, Canada, Japan, Bulgaria, Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, South Korea, Hong Kong, Ghana, Russia, and the land Down Under (me) ! We seem to have lucked out with professors – no wicked witches like last semester – although one is also a high school professor, super knowledgeable, enthusiastic and knows everything about French history, but is more used to talking to Frenchies than foreigners (read – he talks at us, non-stop, a million miles an hour, for 105 minutes. Whew !), and another is brand new and very nervous. We’re not that scary !

Some highlights so far :

  • Asami introducing Karla, who has a pet bird, and saying that she has a petit oiseau, which is slang for a little boy’s private parts.
  • a professor making a typo (I still maintain it was his mistake !) when requesting online homework, which resulted in us sending him photos of our feet !
  • brainstorming swear words in a comprehension class. Hey, we have to keep up with the times !

It’s not all fun and games though. It’s a jump from B1, and our profs, although nice, are demanding and have high expectations. Not one person managed to finish our Written Expression assignment in the allocated time the other day, which resulted in a lecture about exams and organising our time and so forth. Oh dear.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to practise my swearing !

Bisous !


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