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A Soorts of beach break…

I miss the beach. Neither the Rhône nor the Saône, lovely as they are, quite cut it. Can’t swim in them, can’t fish in them  – well, you can, but you’re not supposed to eat anything you catch!

So on one of the four long weekends in May, I set off for Hossegor (which is actually called Soorts-Hossegor) with two of my French girlfriends, Stef and Clotilde. Hossegor is on the Atlantic south-west coast, 30 minutes from Spain. It’s a surfing town and very similar to Torquay in Victoria, factory outlets included. Stef grew up there, and her family still live there, so accommodation was free 🙂

The weather was very ordinary, unfortunately, so it wasn’t quite the sun/surf/sand weekend we’d envisaged ! We had one nice afternoon, visiting the main beach and eating amazing icecream – I recommend the Norwegian Omelette (Baked Alaska) – but the rest of the time was spent indoors or running around in the rain.

But good friends (and good raincoats !) made the weather bearable as we we wandered around San Sebastien, Bayonne and Anglet shopping, eating, talking and snapping photos…yes, maybe that last one was just me !

Bisous !


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