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Braderies, brocantes and empty attics

Spring is here! That means that the outdoor braderies, brocantes and vide-greniers (empty attics) are here too!

There’s a braderie in Oullins today (as well a a huge thunderstorm and associated downpour – dommage!), and the Grand Rue is closed. Shopkeepers set up market stalls in front of their shops and sell last seasons’ products/slow moving products/complete junk they’ve had out the back for ten years at heavily discounted prices.

Braderie d’Oullins.

Balloon man at the braderie d’Oullins.

Brocantes are more like second-hand markets (one can actually make a living being a ‘brocanteur/brocanteuse’) and vide-greniers are open to anyone and everyone – think garage or car boot sales.

My sweet lil bird bottle opener – 1€ from a brocante

There’s a great website that tells you when and where the braderies/brocantes/vide-greniers are in the Rhône-Alpes region. Check it out here:

Happy shopping!



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