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Les examens…

As I feel like my head is about to explode and cover the house in French verbs, I decided to take a break and use some English, my langue maternelle! Yes, that’s right, it’s exam time again!

I had three last week, have three coming up this week and one after the Easter break.

Last week I had Familiar French, Written Expression/Grammar 1 and  Written Comprehension. Next week it’s Written Expression/Grammar 2, Oral Comprehension and Oral Expression. Civilisation’s after the holidays. We don’t have an exam for Creative Writing, rather an assignment worth a rather large chunk of our grade!

I think I’m going okay so far – nothing has been totally out of my league, but I think I’ve given my FF prof a good laugh – I mucked up the proverb Qui vol un oeuf, vol un boeuf (he who steals an egg can steal an ox) by writing qui vol un poulet (chicken), vol un boeuf! Whoops!

Extra points for humour, peut être?



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2 thoughts on “Les examens…

  1. Lou on said:

    Good luck Jaydles xx

  2. Thanks Lou. I did well, with marks from 12,5 to 19 out of 20. I’ll speak French one of these days! Xox

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