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J’adore mon dictionnaire…

I’ve started my third week of Level B1 at uni, and it’s now too late to change to Level A2 (the level I skipped). We were introduced to the subjonctif today, and we had to write a film review including phrases in this mood – without using our verb dictionaries! I could’ve cried. I’m actually quite attached to my dictionary. I managed about half a page and two phrases in the subjonctif before our 45 minutes was up!

Yes, 12000 verbs, and how to conjugate them ALL!

The verb dictionary is one of the most valuable things a student of French can have, aside from a photographic memory or a French boy/girl friend. It lists all the verbs and how they’re used depending on the person, mood and tense you’re using (or trying to use). That’s around 40 different ways to use the one verb.

Did I mention that French is quite ridiculous complicated?



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