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Dining out, Savoyard style

Sim and I had our two year anniversary this week! We’d already decided, after viewing a cooking show dedicated to Savioe mountain fare (raclette, tartiflette, pierrade, fondue, farcement), to go to a Savoyard restaurant to celebrate!

Savoie (pronounced Sav-waa), and Haute-Savoie, are departments in France. They’re in the French Alpes, on the Swiss and Italian borders. As you can imagine, the traditional food is that which hits the spot after a day on the slopes – heavy, fatty and delicious!

My entrée was a salad, topped with a filo parcel full of chèvre-y goodness, and drizzled with honey. Sim had beef carpaccio, topped with parmesan, basil and olive oil.


Because I’d had such a “big day on the slopes”, I ordered the tartiflette for my main – potatoes, cream, lardons and onion topped with reblochon cheese. Sim had diots – Savoyard pork sausages – served with crozet, a tooth-shaped pasta.

Mmmmy tartiflette, with Sim’s diots in the background.

We had dessert as well – a nougat ice-cream, which was very much like the bottom layer of a cassata (so, awesome!), and a gooey chocolate cake.

It’s safe to say we rolled home after that! Luckily we don’t have big days on the slopes very often!



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