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Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

And I thought Lyon was cold…

Then I went to St Sym for the weekend. It’s in les Monts du Lyonnaise and therefore at a higher altitude to Lyon.

Winter white.

Lyon is between 162 and 305 metres above sea level and St Sym is between 480 and 629 (thanks Wikipedia)! Which means, of course, it’s at least 2° colder in St Sym. It’s -9° as I type, and we’re heading towards a low of -14° tonight (Saturday).

Me at chez Besacier…not really, it’s the local château!

The real chez Besacier, plus the salty road.

I know I’ve been banging on about the cold and the snow this week, but let’s not forget I’m from a small beachside town, altitude of sea level! Plus Australia isn’t really known for its snow.

I miss the beach!



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4 thoughts on “And I thought Lyon was cold…

  1. Kerry Duroux on said:

    …and we miss you my lovey!

  2. I was just in your small beach side town this week. I love it more everytime I visit. 🙂

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