La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

Year of the…escargot

I’m lucky to have met some lovely Chinese people through my course and on Sunday, I was invited to dinner at Xiaofei’s place to celebrate the Chinese New Year. I’ve never been to a CNY celebration before, and I learnt that NYE differs depending on where in China one’s from. For Xiaofei, Sunday was ‘December 29,’ but for Stephanie it was ‘December 31.’

The dinner was a fun mix of Chinese meets French – tofu with Kronenbourg, eating baguette with baguettes (chopsticks) and cooking bean curd sticks on the pierreade. Plus my clumsy dumplings!

Mmmm, dumplings. Can you tell which ones I made?

Spot the French product!

Nom nom nom.

They don’t speak much English (with the exception of Stephanie, who’s from Hong Kong), I don’t speak any Chinese and none of us speak French very well! But we all speak eat, drink and be merry, so that’s what we did!

Happy New Year!



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