La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

Les meilleurs moments

Exams – done! Woot! However, it also means that Semester 1’s done – not so woot. I’ve met some ace people here, and not everyone’s continuing on into Semester 2.

So, some memories from Semester 1. Some of them, maybe you had to be there, but I think most translate!

  • Professeur Muriel’s catchphrase – “Mem-o-ri-ser! Dans la tête! Sccchhhhulp!”
  • Professeur Laurianne taking us to a bar for one class.
  • Quel âge avez-vous? 32. 32? 32 quoi? 32kilos? 32 metres? In French, you literally have to say your age in years. So, 32 ANS!
  • “DE LA SALADE!” Shouted. Loudly. By Professeur Jean-Yves. Often. Stupid bloody articles!
  • Jean-Yves war on dictionaries!
  • Getting dobbed on by the cafeteria staff when Courtney brought her pumpkin cheescake in to share. We said that we didn’t understand the signs forbidding food from outside being brought in; Courtney wondered it they’d understand the bird…
  • Stephanie’s letter to Santa. “I like your beard…”
  • Cheating and speaking English with the librarian whilst searching for French classics as a library assignment.
  • Learning that Ch’tis are people form the north of France, rather than a type of beer (well, it is a beer too…)!
  • Getting a bit too personal when discussing personal questions – voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir?
  • Laurianne taking us to all the wrong places on our Fourvière/Musée Gallo-Roman excursion. Lucky the tourists students knew where to go!
  • Our class party – and the after party!

And finally, meeting Yuan, Naöel, Xiaofei, Courtney, Julliet, Yang, Ming Kyung, Asami, Denitsa, Jorge, Stephanie, Eunjung and Ming – merci et bonne chance, mes amis!

Groupe SA11, with the lovely Professeur Muriel front row, second from the right! Merci Courtney for the photo!



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