La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

St Sym

Sim’s from a town about 45 minutes (if I’m driving!) south-westish of Lyon. Saint Symphorien sur Coise  has a population of around 4000, and people who live there are called ‘Pelauds.’ I don’t know who Saint Symphorien was, but Coise (pronounced ‘cwez’) is the name of the river that runs through the town.

It’s in the Monts du Lyonnais, and at a higher altitude than Lyon – an escape from the city heat in summer, and more snow in winter! Sim’s parents still live there, as do most of his friends and their families. Those that don’t still live in St Sym go there almost every weekend. It reminds me of coming home from uni each weekend when I was an undergrad!

It’s a pretty typical French town – shops, schools, mairie, soccer club, heaps of bakeries, and everything’s closed over lunch time. Some things that are unique, I think, are…

It was a drop point for Résistance weapons and ammo in WW2.

The distnctive church, overlooking the town.

And, of course, Chez Besacier!

I’ll show you around when you come to visit!



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