La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

It’s just not footy

It’s football. Not soccer. The players are ridiculously skilful but wouldn’t last 5 minutes in an AFL match. Lyon’s professional team are called Olympique Lyonnais and they’re strong, finishing third last season and taking part in the Champion’s League this season.  Hugo Lloris is the goal keeper. Best in the league, and captain of the French team. I even wrote a petit texte about him in class!

When I asked Sim how to spell Lyonnais, he told me I could just write Olympique Tapettes, which is a not very nice word for gay men. Which he thinks the whole team are. He, like most of his friends and family, supports Saint Etienne, who are not quite so strong these days, finishing 10th last season.  Although they do have the most supporters, apparently. And the star means that they’ve won 10 French championships, the only French club to do so. Loïc Perrin is the captain. Best looking player in the league, and I wrote a blog post about him!

Yes, yes I know. ASSE.



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