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Cheese, cheese, glorious cheese

The CIEF, my school, organises regular activities for us out-of-towners. The most recent – a sampling session at a little fromagerie in the 7th arrondissement.

L’Art des Choix.

  For 6€50, we had a 45 minute presentation about the different types of cheeses available there and how they’re made (at least, I think that’s what it was about!), a 7 cheese dégustation plate, wine and bread. And grapes.   


 And, as only 9 of the 20 people registered showed up, we got second helpings. Of everything! Hic! Bisous!


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4 thoughts on “Cheese, cheese, glorious cheese

  1. KERRY DUROUX on said:

    Man I would get so fat over there with all that cheese and bread!!!!! Cheese is my achilles…but what’s with the wine in a plastic cup? And not even wine glass shaped one?

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  3. chelsee clements on said:

    Jealous and I wanna go please!

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