La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

Crêpes not craps

We went to a crêpe party last night, at Anne-Gaëlle and Raph’s place (Sim’s sister and her boyfriend). I suppose we don’t really do crêpe parties back home, so I’m not sure if crêpe machines are available in Australia, but they’re obviously an essential here. As there were 15 people, we needed three machines! Each person brought bits and pieces to eat with the crêpes – different cheeses, meats and sweet toppings – and we sat around the machines, cooked, chatted and basically stuffed our faces! I was quite partial to goats cheese, ham and béchamel sauce for my savoury crêpes, and caramel butter for my dessert crêpes.  All washed down with copious amounts of cider, as is the tradition. Bon app!

Nom nom nom!



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