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Bunny sitting

Sim and I are bunny sitting this week. Meet Tutcho. He enjoys chewing the table legs, playing under the couch cover and eating salad – although, when I had to shoo him out from under the bed before, he looked like he was enjoying eating the dust. A literal dust-bunny.

Tutcho hanging out in his cardboard corner!

I mentioned in an earlier post that the Oullins pet shop has cute bunnies, but I’m not allowed to have one. Hopefully this little lapin will be such a charmer, man of the house’ll change his mind. Now, how to get him to stop jumping up on the couch and scaring said man…



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2 thoughts on “Bunny sitting

  1. Colleen on said:

    He’s so cute…does Fanny realise she may not get him back????

  2. Apparently, rabbits do like eating dust. Who would’ve thought? Much cuter and cuddlier than a vaccuum cleaner!

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