La Vie à Lyon

Living, learning and loving in Lyon !

Où est Oullins?

Home sweet home!

I’ve had to write a few descriptions of Oullins (like ‘oh-la-la,’ without the second ‘la!’) for uni, in French, but here’s one in English!

Sim and I live in an apartment in Oullins, a southern suburb of Lyon. It’s about 15 minutes into the CBD by bus (excluding rush hours)! People who live here are called ‘Oullinois,’ and there’s about 25 000 of us! It’s a pretty quiet suburb – most businesses are closed by 8pm. We live just off the Grand Rue d’Oullins, which is very handy as that’s where all the shops are! In Oullins, there’s a lot of bakeries, patisseries, café/bars, hairdressers and clothes shops. There’s banks, a library, a pool, a Police Municipale station and a lovely church.  There’s also a pet shop with cute bunnies but I’m not allowed to have one…



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